10 automations that every designer should start using today 🦾

  1. Do you type your email address each time someone asks you about it on Slack?
  2. Do you type your company details each time you need to send it to a client?
  3. Do you type your website URL each time you need to send it to someone?
  4. Do you open a recent project that you worked on by going to an app’s dashboard and then selecting it from there?
  5. Do you optimize images for the web by dropping them into tinyPNG (or another similar app)?
  6. If you want to create a new file in Figma, do you create it from the dashboard?

The bad and the good news


Keyboard Maestro

Text expanders


Frequently typed URLs

Multi-line text

Lorem ipsum

Opening URLs

Open Recent Project

Opening multiple URLs at once

Quick notes

New project

Quick search

Optimizing the images

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Product Designer from Poland

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Matt Wierzbicki

Matt Wierzbicki

Product Designer from Poland

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