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I’m a product designer and I specialize in creating design systems and component libraries in @figmadesgin. Design Systems are becoming so popular because they make products more consistent, accessible, improve their usability, and reduce design decision-making.

After a great success of my previous products and I decided to create an educational resource to teach people how to design such systems. I wanted to show my way of doing this step-by-step.

I had this idea of a plugin for Figma, a workbook that will teach people how to build their own modern design system from scratch.

But why not…

Do you or your team want to learn how to build a design system for Figma from scratch?

I receive many requests from team managers and individuals like these:

Hi Matt, are you available for any freelance work? We need help with doing a color theory audit for our Figma design system and software. There are definite problems as different designers did it, and several parts don’t work together. We are trying to find someone great with Figma, Design Systems, and Color Theory.

Hey Matt, Would you find a few hours to share your expertise in Figma with our designers…

A small story behind a large UI kit

Hello everyone, my name is Mateusz and I’m the product designer behind Ant Design System for Figma. I’ve been using Figma for almost 3 years and decided to create an ultimate solution to help me in my everyday work.

In this short article you will learn what it is, why I created it and how it can help you. You will also see how you can use the system and how it works.

Get the UI kit:


Ant Design System for Figma is the UI kit that contains over 2100 handcrafted interface components for web and…

If you are interested in UX, Design, Product, Freelance or Development, you will find something useful in here.

Illustration by Pola Leszczyńska

When I was younger, I absolutely hated reading. My first experience with the written word was in school where they made me read books on topics that were boring then and are still boring now. The worst ones were the Polish lessons where you had to interpret a text in a language used hundreds of years ago and guess what the author had in mind. Terrible!

Thankfully, my perspective changed at the end of high school when I started reading books about the Second World War. Combined with the release of Harry Potter, my faith in reading was restored. I…

My toolkit for designing digital products: a side project that evolved while doing other projects.

Get Product Design Kit:

Hello World

My name is Mateusz Wierzbicki and I work as UX/UI Designer for a small startup named Concuria. We design and develop landing pages, webshops and webapps. We also help companies solve problems with design sprints and rapid prototyping.

In this article I will briefly describe how I came up with the Product Design Kit for Figma and how it is built. Please keep in mind that this project is still a WIP and it is not a magic formula for everyone. This is what works for me and I wanted to share it with you to help you improve your…

Matt Wierzbicki

Product Designer from Poland

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